Browser specific issues with dragging seek bar?


I have a project with seekbar set to draggable, menu set to Restricted, with Restrict Next/Back selected.

If I preview in IE 10, seek bar works as expected.

When I publish, either to my LMS or to Review 360, the seek bar is NOT draggable when viewed in the IE 10

EDIT: it's likely important to note that modules I have published previously to my LMS and to Review DID WORK as expected in IE10, and in fact CONTINUE to work in IE10, so what the heck is going on? Is there a kink in the 'publish' algorithm?

Seek bar IS draggable in Chrome, but that browser is not an option for me because IE10 is company standard.

Link to the test file on Review 360.

I'm going to ping Support with a sample file but wonder if any other folks have seen anything similar. This is driving me crazy/crazier on a Friday afternoon!




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