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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jeff,

I'm not quite sure I'm understanding what's happening. Are you trying to use triggers for a custom template? If so, the triggers won't carry over from one project to another. You'll have to either add new triggers to the custom tabs or remove the custom tabs. Although custom player tabs are stored in the player for a Storyline course, the triggers for those custom player tabs are actually stored in the project file. For more information, please take a look at this article.

If this isn't what's happening, can you provide some screenshots or a screencast? 

Thanks, Jeff!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jeff and good morning,

Thanks very much for the screenshots, I can certainly see how that would be an issue. There may be an issue with the installation, or possibly a bug, but I haven't been able to find a documented case like this. Would you mind submitting the information to our tech team so they can try to replicate the issue? Those screenshots are perfect, so if you can share them with our tech team, that would be great!

Thanks again, Jeff!