Bug in Player "Next" Button?

Oct 08, 2014

Running into issues wityh the Next Button built into the player. Will not advance to next slide but  Prev. button works just fine. Anyone else having issues?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Brandon,

I just took a really quick look at your file. The first thing I checked was whether or not your navigation is set to restricted, which it is. Then, I looked at your first slide, where the timeline was set at 131 seconds. Putting two and two together, this is why it appears that the Next button isn't working: In Storyline 2, if navigation is restricted, Learners can't navigate to the next slide via the next button until the timeline is complete.

I tested quickly by moving the timeline back to 5 seconds; sure enough, when the time was up, Next worked.

Restricted navigation is set up via the Player. Click on the Player button on the ribbon (Home tab, publish group). When the Player properties window opens

  1. Click the Menu button
  2. Click the Additional Options button
  3. Click the Navigation Restriction drop-down.

Please shout out with any questions.

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