Build-up of a diagram in Storyline 360

May 20, 2019

Good day,

I have attached an example of a diagram that I would like to edit so that the diffirent texts only appear when you click on, say for instance, an icon where the text should be. The text should then stay there so that the learner can see the overall picture once he/she has clicked on all of the icons.

If there is a turorial that I have not found you are more than welcome to refer me to it as well.

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Randy Hill

Ruan, I don't know about examples but let me point you in the right direction as far as what to try. You are going to use image states basically. Depending on how you want the diagram to work can go either way. If you want the text to appear when you click on a space in the image, or you have an image that appears when you click on the text box. 

Personally I would cut the image up in photoshop, or you can just draw custom hotspots, either way, anything can be used as a hot spot. So let's say I wanted to have the image and text appear when I clicked on a spot in the diagram. I would have the image and the text in place but have their initial states set to hidden (this is done in the states tab with the item selected.) Then I would have the hotspot set with a trigger to change the state of both to normal when the hotspot was clicked. Pretty simple. There are many ways to do this using states and triggers but maybe that will point you in the right direction. If you have questions let me know.

Bob O'Donnell

Place your icon and text on screen how you want it. You can set the text initial state to be "hidden". Set a trigger on each icon to adjust the state of the text block from hidden to normal when the user clicks on the icon. If you're using the diagram as is, you can also accomplish the same process by placing a white box over the text labels and then telling the white box to be "hidden" when the icon is clicked on. Look at how the Customer Supply Valve works.

There are other options as well. These are fairly simple.

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