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Jessica D'Apice

Hey yall!

I actually went ahead and created an SOP for this! :)

  1. Create a quiz with a graded results slide. When creating the results slide, check all of the question slides to include in the score except for the extra credit question.
  2. In the Triggers section, click the Variables icon ( ) , click the plus + icon, and create a variable named “ScorePercentExtraPoint”, type Number, default value 0.
  3. On the results slide, create the following triggers in the following order…
    1. “Adjust Variable”, variable “ScorePercentExtraPoint”, “equals” “variable” “Results.ScorePoints” when “Timeline starts” on the Results Slide.
    2. “Adjust Variable”, variable “ScorePercentExtraPoint”, “add” “value” [value of extra point(s)] when “Timeline starts” on the Results Slide, on condition that variable “[extra credit activity]” has been interacted with as intended.
    3. “Adjust Variable”, variable “ScorePercentExtraPoint”, “divide” by “value” [total possible points excluding extra credit] when “Timeline starts” on the Results Slide.
    4. “Adjust Variable”, variable “ScorePercentExtraPoint”, “multiply” by “value” 100 when “Timeline starts” on the Results Slide.
  4. In either one of the existing text boxes or in a new text box on the results slide, type “%ScorePercentExtraPoint%%”.