Building scenario w/multiple scored answers and justification; publish to LMS?

Jun 05, 2019

I'm looking for an elegant way to use Storyline to build the attached scenario, so that multiple questions are scored on the same slide.  The student can then type in justification for answer.  The responses (Y/N/UNK) and text in comment box need to go to Blackboard so instructor can review easily. It's sort of a cross between a graded quiz and a survey, right?   I publish Storyline SCORM to Blackboard all the time, so no problem there, but usually it's one answer per slide and I've never used the essay question.  Any ideas before I go down an endless rabbit hole?  Thanks!

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Randy Hill

I don't know about sending the information to Blackboard, however to do multiple questions on a slide is possible. Basically you set all the questions up in separate slides then on your main slide create the selection boxes and set each one of them equal to a variable. Yes and no questions are easy as you just use a true/false variable. Then on each actual question you just change the state of the yes or no selection based on that variable. As for the survey question, yes that is possible and the same thing. Just use a short answer survey question and do the same thing with variable, set the text box in the user facing slide as a text box, then have the text box equal to a variable.

I know that was a lot but let me know if you have questions.

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