Bullet Points

Jun 11, 2012

Does anyone have any input on how to format bullets? In SL I have noticed that I cannot change the color of the bullets or change their sizes, as I can in Studio. 

Also, sometimes (but not always) the bullets size differently in the same text box. 

Is there an easier way to work will bullet points in SL?

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Gerry Wasiluk

Yup, that's right.  A few text editing needs are missing right now.

Articulate has stated they will be improving things here in the future but nothing further public than that.

I'd file a feature request for Articulate's consideration in the meantime.  The more, the better.

In the interim, you may need to do separate text lines and add your own symbols to the start of the lines and position/align them where you want.

Gary Courington

Also be sue to have the font size set before you enter text. when you create a text box it will sometimes go to a defalult (Articulate 12).. If you change the font size after you enter text, the bullet will stay in Articulate 12 and not to the text size you changed. You have to delete and enter a new text box to have it match with others. .    

Jeffrey Riley

I found this information in the forum about bullet points. I noticed that the last bullet point of every list in my project was a different size.

I was glad to learn that I needed to change the font in Design as one of the parts of the solution.

Phil Mayor wrote:

you can change any wrong size/colour bullet by selecting from left to right over the bullet to the end of the sentence and selecvting the correct font and size, also select all will do the same thing.

Not defending this poor text editing, but I understand this will take time to fix

At first I was not able to make this work. Then I realized that because my project already existed, I had to change the font in the text box, then it worked to change the bullets.

I hope on the next project that the bullets will come out better because I will set the project font before I add text.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this post, it really helped.

Sam Clements

If you watch the video above from Rebecca and select that invisible space, you can pretty much have your way with changing the bullets properties.

My sub-bullets imported from power point and were not vertically aligned with the text, they were for some reason super scripted when they were imported. ಠ_ಠ

I'm pretty sure this was happening b/c I had super-scripted numbers at the end of my bullet text and the bullets were copying that formatting from the invisible space.

To fix, I selected the invisible space at the end of the bullet text, and turned off super-scripting in the above font menu.

Thanks Rebecca, that video was a life saver!!!

James Brandwood

Phil Mayor said:

The bullets cannot be changed in Storyline at the moment.

To fix the wrong size bullet, select the line from right to left and then change the text size this will change the bullet to the size of the others

This works for me. On all my slides the last bullet point was coming up black when all the text and other bullet point were blue. It was only ever the last bullet point I couldn't change.

I guess I must always drag right to left, going left to right fixed it!

Thanks Phil

Jeff Nye

Two years since the last post, I hope these bullet issues have been fixed and I just don't know. But, if it's not, here is my workaround for changing the bullet color:

1. turn off bullets
2. insert a bullet manually (on a Mac using Parallels the keyboard command is Control+Option+8)

This allows the bullets to be the same color as the text, and allows the bullets to move inward if you have a hanging indent set in the paragraph settings.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Darin -- So sorry to hear you are having difficulties! Can you please share a little bit more about where you are experiencing this behavior? You may already be aware, but I also wanted to share that we recommend that you test your published output in the intended environment to see how various components will ultimately behave in the desired location.

You are also welcome to share your file so that we are able to take a closer look and do some testing on our end to see if we encounter the same behavior. Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box to browse and upload your file from there. :)