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Hi all - hoping someone can help me with what I am sure is a very simple problem (although I can't figure it out!).  I have a slide with 5 buttons (see below).  Each button is a shape, with a text box and a folder image on top of it.  When you rollover a button the state changes, and when you click on it you trigger a layer.

Everything works fine, except for the Global Dev Plan button.  On that one, the state only changes - and you can only click it - if you hover around the edges of the button.  If you hover over/near the folder or the text, nothing.  This happens both in preview and when published.

That button is, as far as I can tell, set up just like the others - in fact, I'm pretty sure I just made one, copied it 4 times, and changed the text.  So I can't figure out what's going on.  Any ideas?

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Sheila Bulthuis

Michael, I checked every single thing in the timeline to be sure I knew what it was and that it was where it was supposed to be - it all was fine, no random transparent shapes.  And the states for my problem button appear to be exactly the same as for the other buttons.

This is driving me crazy!  I'll probably just need to recreate that button, and see if that solves it - but it will still bother me that I couldn't identify the issue!

Sheila Bulthuis

Christine, great idea!  It's my client's proprietary content, so I deleted most of the text in the layers, but that's the only change I made - and it's still having the issue.   If soemone can figure this out, I'll be forever grateful!  (I'd say I'd owe that person a drink, but that's kind of hard to collect on virtually, so my gratitude will have to do. )

Michael Hinze

Sheila, to avoid any potential issues with elements that sit on top of the button(s), I suggest you make the folder and label part of the actual button(s). See attached file, which fixes the issue with the one button by adding the folder bitmap and text label to the actual button.

Sheila Bulthuis

Rebecca and Michael, thank you!!

Rebecca, I'm embarrassed it didn't even occur to me to just redo the textbox on that button.  I guess I was just too close to the problem.  But I'm glad I now know what was causing the issue, it was driving me crazy!

Michael, I know that's a general best practice and in this case I didn't bother because the first button I created was working fine (lesson learned!).  I did just realize that NONE of the buttons changes state when you hover over the file folder, and your solution takes care of that, which is great.  But how did you do it?  I doesn't seem you created and inserted a new image (which is probably what I would have tried), so how did you add the folder image to the button?

Michael Hinze

Sheila, glad this works for you now. I just selected and copied the folder image and text lables. Then I selected the corresponding button, clicked the States tab, Edit States and pasted the two object into each button state. With that these two objects become part of the button and the pesky 'overlap' issue goes away.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Sheila,

Yeah, I just kept pulling the button apart to see where the problem was.

And yes, I'd noticed that the pointer wasn't working when hovered over the folder, but thought perhaps you'd wanted it that way. I agree with you and Michael that it's best to keep all the items together to avoid running into those weird problems.

I'm not sure from your description Michael whether you copied and pasted the folder and text box into all the states.

After reading this post I went back to look at the file, and I cut the folder and text box from the "slide", went to edit states, edited the normal state, and pasted it there, in the normal state. It appears in the normal state of course and still appears in the hover and selected and visited states when you preview it