Button issue

I have a slide with 4 buttons that take the user to 4 different layers, but I don't want them to be able to move forward without visiting all 4 layers via each button. I created a "Done!" button to jump to the final slide. I only want the "done" button to appear once all 4 layers have been visited, but when I created the trigger and the conditions, it still didn't work. It is visible no matter what. I then tried hiding the layer and adding an additional trigger for the "done" button to change the state to "normal" once all 4 layers had been visited, but that didnt' work either. Any advice is helpful! I am new to Storyline (I have StoryLine 1 by the way) so this is probably a novice question. Thanks in advance!

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Natalie Boswell

Hi Christopher,

So, I'm still having trouble. I've attached just the slide that I'm having trouble with, along with the layers. If you are still able to take a peek I would appreciate it! Thank you so much!