Button not becoming visible

Apr 09, 2021

Hello! I am trying to get a button to appear after the states of two rectangles changes to "Visited." I have them set to be "Hidden" at the beginning of the timeline and then added for the state of the button (that will appear) to "Normal" after both of the rectangles are now in the "Visited" state. The button is not appearing. (The button should be appearing on slide 1.1 after the user visits both the Kitchen and Backyard.)

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Walt Hamilton

Using states in the "When" part of works if you are just visiting layers on the same slide, or initiating actions on the same slide. when you start visiting other slides, depending of state changes generally works out like, well, you can see how it works out. Another problem, for me at least, is that the visited indicator shows up as soon as the button is clicked, and flashes before the slide jump is made.

To visit other slides, keep track of which ones have been visited, and show a button when they have all been visited, you really need some industrial record keeping. The states aren't up to the task, but variables are.

Check the mixed navigation in the sample at this post:


It allows the learner to choose which path to follow, marks it as visited on the return, and shows the Next Unit button when all have been visited.

I think it will work perfectly for what you want.

Walt Hamilton

I would caution you that this trigger may cause problems:


The built-in superpower of the Visited state is that when an object with one is clicked, it automatically changes to Visited. Having a manual trigger that duplicates that action has been known to cause conflicts with unpleasant results.  To be on the safe side, delete the trigger, and it will still work.

Glad it works -  it looks good.