Button state does not resume when learner revisits the url

Hello Team,

I am having an issue with the button state not resuming when the learners returns to the url. I published to web, and made sure that I used the visited state that was pre-built and also made sure my slides are set to resume saved state. But after I visit the button, and then close my browser and return in a new session it does not show the last state of my button, the button reverts back to the original state prior to click.

I also tried to go in and manually create a completed state, and then variables to change the state, and still upon revisit to the state of the button does not save. Any solutions?

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Randy Hill

I believe the issue with that is that the resume feature is meant to be used in an LMS framework. That way variables and such can be stored, however when posting to web, the only way to resume states is through the use of cookies. Most browsers block cookies now a days. You can try adding the url as a trusted site to your computer, but all other users would have to do the same.

Wendy Farmer
Daniel Pringle

return in a new session

You are publishing to the web and not to an LMS? I'm not sure that the 'prompt to resume' is saved in a web session. I don't think there is any website I've seen where I go out and come back in and my previous selections have been saved. 

Perhaps someone else can chime in - I'm interested to hear this...

Randy Hill

You used to be able to do this before cookies were blocked. You could have the session saved locally with a cookie. If you cleared cookies/cache or opened it on another computer, it would not be there of course. 

There actually was a setting for it in the old player, back in storyline 2 that was a resume check box: When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie.

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Daniel. Here's a trick to make sure crucial state information is saved before exiting a course.

Storyline automatically saves slide information when a learner advances to another slide, but if a learner is on a slide and clicks the Course Exit button, the state of that slide isn’t saved because he or she hasn’t yet proceeded to a different slide.

Let me know if you have questions!