Buttons Not Changing State

I have a menu button slide (patterned after one of Phil M's demos) with a button sending the user to a slide that has a variable set to 'false'. When the user finishes the slide and clicks the button to return to the menu, the variable changes to true. All that works fine. The problem is when the user is returned to the menu slide, the button should change state to COMPLETE and show a checkmark indicating completion compliance. I've worked this thing all day and can't make the button change state to COMPLETE. I've attached a simple demo if one of you good folks out there can take a quick look and tell me why this is failing? 

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Graham Fox

Yo Jeff! I've ran into this problem myself. Here's the deal, storyline only runs through the triggers if you make it, so you can have stuff sitting out there but until you make it run through those triggers it won't do so, especially with variables.

What you have to set it to do is trigger based on timeline start. That will force it to be used when you go back to the first slide and the timeline restarts and then pops based on your variable. I've attached my version of your file.

Graham Fox

No problem Jeff! The one thing I've learned using storyline is to avoid variables whenever possible. The rule of thumb I live by is variables if something needs to be tracked across multiple slides, always use states if something needs to just be tracked on one slide. Tends to make things much simpler.