Buttons set across multiple layers

Hello! I'm hoping some Storyline 2 whiz out there will be able to help me :)

Is it possible to create a button set when each button is on a different layer? I have the first button on the base layer, second button on layer 1 and a third button on layer 2.

Once the user views the content that appears after each button, the next button appears. I basically am hoping that the user can only select one button at a time - and once all three buttons have appeared, allow them to click back in whatever order they would like in order to review the information.

I've tried assigning each button to 'Button Set 1' but it didn't work. I can't select them all at once to assign as they're on different layers.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Rosemary

I duplicated your slide and worked on that one without touching your original slide.

I moved the Scenario 3 tab from the layer to be on the base layer where you had the tabs for Scenarios 1 and 2. I then created the button set. You might need to tweak the timings slightly for when the elements come on stage.

Hope this helps or give you an idea.

Rosie Flinn

Hi Wendy - thanks for replying! The button set you created works wonderfully, but now I'm not sure how to prevent the next button from appearing until the user has clicked on the first button and viewed the content... I hope you'll forgive me for asking what may be a silly question!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Rosemary,

This is the 'no question is silly' forum...lol

the way it works now in my example, if they click next when they haven't selected all tabs, the 'incomplete' layer displays.  It's not until all tabs have been visited and in any order, then they click next does the next slide appear.

Do you mean you want the Next button to be disabled or hidden when the timeline starts and then to be enabled when all tabs visited?

Rosie Flinn

Thanks for being so helpful Wendy :)

I'd like the content to be displayed in order, so that Tab 2 doesn't physically appear until the content on Tab 1 has been displayed and the animations have finished, and so on. If you look at my original slide, it's set up that way (I just didn't include the animations). I can't figure out how to keep that guided learning component, but also, once all the tabs have appeared in order, allow the learner to click on any tab to revisit the content...

Wendy Farmer

Hi Rosemary

sorry I misunderstood. Ok, I have changed the initial state of Tabs 2 and 3 to hidden.  Tab 2 changes to Normal when timeline on layer 1 ends, and Tab 3 changes to normal when timeline on layer 2 ends. The next button if clicked before all tabs visited displays the incomplete layer.

Hope this helps