Buttons Variables and Layers??

Hello, I'm trying to do something, and I can't find a post on this site to help, so I guess I'll just make my own post.  I hope I'm not trying to do something impossible.  I want to show a chart with buttons at the bottom. As the user clicks a button, a layer appears.  Clicking the button changes the button state back to normal and the layer disappears.  I want the user to be able to select multiple buttons/layers as they like so they can see how the different layers work together.  I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure this out.  Can anyone help?  I've uploaded my file.  Thanks so much!!

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Chris Cole

Hi Kristen -

I couldn't open your file, so I'll have to answer conceptually rather than speaking directly about the actual objects in your SL file.

You could do this with variables, but a simpler method might be this; If the learner clicks button A to show Layer A, then on Layer A have an identical button A positioned over the button A on the base layer. The Button A on the base layer would show Layer A and the Button A in Layer A would close the layer. The button A in Layer A could also be colored differently to indicated the layer is showing (like you would do with button states, but since you are showing a separate button A on the layer, you could just change its color instead of using states).

Hope this helps.