Can a group of shapes on one slide be displayed in another (on top of an existing layout)?

Nov 20, 2020

Hello, all.

Pardon me for some confusing wording here, but I'm struggling with a way to describe what I need.

I have a grouping of shapes (a call to action--see the second slide in the attached file) whose visibility is triggered by variables. I need to have these appear in many slides in any module, as is, with no customization.

Is there a way to have them placed in one slide off-stage (so that to edit them only requires altering the one instance), and call them into play in any slide where they're needed?

In other words, in any slide, I'd like to say "display the grouping called 'CTA' in slide X," and have its triggers work on that slide.

Is this possible in any way?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Allan Dunlop

Thanks, Garth.

My mistake, as comes from working into the middle of the night. :)  I'll clarify. I use masters regularly, but the slides I'm adding the shapes group to are already using a layout ('MAIN').

Is there a way to add this group to an existing slide that already has a layout applied to it? Essentially what I'm looking for is a way to create a mini-master within the main body of the project, and call that content into any slide.

I can't just create another master slide with the CTA content included, as photos and other elements on the existing slides would overlay the CTA.

My ultimate goal is to have the CTA referenced on (almost) every slide, and be able to turn it off and on using a variable. Not sure if that can be done, but I'll need to at least have it present, and turn the visibility on or off as needed on any slide.

If you or anyone else have thoughts on how this could be manifested, I'd appreciate it!

Allan Dunlop

That's getting me there, Walt. Thanks!

On the second slide in the attached file, the CTA layer from the slide master layout is showing, but the base layer for the slide itself is hidden.

I’ve deselected ‘Hide other slide layers’ for the master slide layer. Is there something else I need to do to get the base to display?

I've tried adding the content to a feedback layout, and that works, but having the layer in the slide layout as you suggested would be simpler and preferable.

Walt Hamilton

If a layer has anything on it that is visible, that object will block anything that is below it on the base layer. So I see your options as 

1. Design the layer so it only covers part of the base, and design all the slides so that what is supposed to show is on the uncovered part.

2. Make the CTA buttons partly see-through.

3.  Create the CTA buttons so they can be arranged along the side or bottom of the slide.

The ultimate constraint is that if you want to see the CTA objects, and this: 

   at the same time, the objects can't cover it.

Allan Dunlop

Thanks, Walt. The text box in the example is partially transparent, which is why I expected the base layer to show through. Also, the heading of the base slide is not covered by anything from the CTA layer, so we know it's simply not visible.

Hmmm... Not sure what to do next. I have a deadline, so I suppose I'll have to add the layer to every slide, make it visible or hidden on each, and deal with the edits later.

Allan Dunlop

Upon reflection, I've decided to just go with adding a feedback layer with the info on it. It'll mean updating my theme and then adding & applying this layer to each slide, but at least I'll be able to make updates more readily.

If anyone has any suggestions on using a layer in a master slide that will let the base show, I'm all ears!

Thanks for the input, Garth and Walt!

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