Can I control a restricted menu?

Mar 04, 2013

Does anyone know if there is a way to set a restricted menu to be restricted again for specified slides, when learners do not pass a part of the course.

My course is build up of 12 parts and the learners have to pass each part before they can move on. If they fail one part they have to retake that part.

I have set my menu to restricted so they can't jump in the course before they have been through the content, but when they fail one part and have to retake that part, the menu is open for that part (since they already have been through it).

Is there a way to control the menu so it can be restricted again for that specified part they have to retake?

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Donna Morvan

Hello Jannicke,

There are different ways you can approach this:

1. You can create a "Explanation Slide" after the quiz or whatever it is that you base on whether they pass or failĀ - telling them that they failed.. and they have to go through the content again. Put a button in this slide that resets the "state" of your menu to restricted again. (It's a little hard to explain step by step because I'd have to see your actual project but I'm assuming there must be a variable or state you're tracking).

2. You can create a T/F variable that tracks whether they passed or failed..then set it as a condition.

Hope this helps,


Jannicke Wilhelmsen

Thank you for your quick answer.

I have got the slide telling them they have passed or failed, and all my content within the slides they have to retake is reset, butĀ I want to control the menu in the player, the one collapsing the content in the course so they cannot jump forward in the course using this. I cannot find a way to set any triggers or condition on the menu in the Storyline player.

Donna Morvan

Oh... my apologies.. i thought you were referring to a customized menu.

Hmmm.. i don't think there is a way for you to really set actions or conditions using the built-in menu.. you can just either remove the "title of the slides there" so they can't click on it or take out the menu option altogether and have a customized menu.

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