can I have a review page for 1 question at a time

Hi There,

I have a module with 5 "self-check" questions spaced throughout the 40 pages.  After the user answers a question, I'd like to be able to pop up the right answer like is done if you have a results slide and the user clicks "Review". (with the green checkmark and incorrect/correct at the bottom)  Is there a way to insert just the one review slide to appear after each question without inserting a results slide for each one?


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Pierre Jouan


I want to do the exact same thing : displaying Review layer after each answer, with correct answers ticked.

I don't want to edit each Correct/Incorrect layer because we've already done this and it's a nightmare to edit if there were errors in some questions/answers.

I can't get Correct/Incorrect and Review layers displayed at the same time, whatever trigger I use.

Here's a mockup of what I would like :

Any help?


Joe Hauglie

One approach would be to create an "answer" layer that appears after the standard correct/incorrect layer. In this layer you could do just about anything, including adding a screenshot of the correct answers and an explanation of why they are correct.

In the attachment, you can see that I modified a standard "correct/incorrect" pair slightly - you can do the same through the slide master. For the explanation, I added a layer that shows the correct answers marked, and the learner sees that layer if the initial answer is incorrect. So the incorrect answer path is like, "question --> wrong answer --> explanation --> next slide." The correct answer path could easily be the same by setting the continue button on the correct layer to point to the "explanation" layer before proceeding to the next question.

Good luck!

Pierre Jouan

Hello Joe,

Thanks for your answer and your sample, but I would like to take advantage of Review layer that automatically shows good answers at the right place.

We've done this before and we have to check custom layers when we edit questions or answers.

I'd just like this Review layer to appear after each question, not in a review at the end of the quiz.

Joe Tansengco

Hello Mike,

One thing you can do is to add 'fake' result slides at the each of each of your questions whose sole purpose is to immediately review the preceding question slide. From there, you can add triggers in the review layers of each question to control where the learner will go after viewing the review layer. 

I know seeing the concept in action is much better than reading about it, so I prepared this demo file for you. Let me know if this is what you are looking for!