Can I have multiple correct drag object/drop target combinations?

Sep 16, 2014

Hi all,

Just wondering if it is at all possible to have multiple correct drop targets for a drag item.

What I am trying to do it to get students to label questions (there are 5) with the correct strategy for solving them (there are 3 strategies).

So... I have 5 drop targets and multiples of each of my 3 labels and I can't seem to make it work.

Has anyone done something similar?

All help, suggestions and advice welcome



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Rachel Hartshorne

I've cracked it now thank you! My problem was that I thought the hidden buttons were going to appear automatically, I didn't realise they needed to be created from scratch. 

Essentially you are creating a drag and drop from scratch but using the 'pick one' element to set off the feedback layers. I think this would probably be possible using variables instead.

Hakan Tilgel


I'd like to share here another example I have created based on ideas from different posts.

Hope it will help!

Things to consider: it is based on a MC question slide with drag objects limited to 9.

There are 9 drag words (word1, word2, ...) and 9 targets for each (tar1, tar2, ...). Hide the ones you don't need from timeline begining from the end (word9, tar9, word8, tar8, ...)

Sarah Berry

Is there a simple way to make a freeform drag-and-drop object be correct on more than one target? It seems so crazy to have to build this from scratch. Why can't I just select the object more than once on the left and assign it to several options on the right?

If this hasn't been a feature request then it sure should be :)

Mhairi Longmuir

Hi Rebecca, your solution has been great thanks. Though I have come up against a wee thing that means my interaction isn't working as I'd like it...

The issue I have is that the hazard signs that get dragged can get dragged to the same target, and it will still tell the user that they got everything correct - I need them to drag one cross to each hazard. At the moment, as long as the crosses are on a bit of one of the targets it will report it as correct.

You can see it in action here:

Do you have any ideas?

Blue Kearsley

Hi guys...

I've got a similar issue with my drag/drop freeform. It seems to work ok if all the 'correct' answers are selected right off the bat, but if not, and a re-attempt is needed, it doesn't work as expected. Users' have to remove all drag items, when retrying the activity again, and then re-drag them to form the correct answer on retry. I've attached the question. Help!?!?!

I've had to use multiple states. I don't want to show the drop correct/incorrect until the user has selected the submit button, and then show which are correct/incorrect. That works lovely. Out of the 6 drag options, 4 are correct. On the try again layer, I reset those incorrect items to normal once they select the try again button. I want them to be able to see which options were correct, and which weren't. If I then reset the correct items to normal, then it loses this view.

I've added a number of triggers that work when I've used text based freeform, but seem to be problematic here.

Selecting the submit buttons changes the state of correct/try again/incorrect button based on what the selection is. The submit interaction is at the bottom of that chain. Then, each drag item is changed to drop correct (for the correct 4) or drop incorrect (for the incorrect 2) -- not sure if the last 2 is needed?!?

On correct layer, all 4 drag items turn 'correct' in state (colour).

On try again layer, the state of each drag item changes, dependent on whether it's an incorrect or correct response. the variable 'try again' is then set to true at the button of that chain. By selecting the try again button, the 2 incorrect drag items are set back to normal (though only change in colour, not spring back to their originated place). I did have triggers to reset the try again/incorrect button to normal, but that didn't make any difference.

Incorrect layer, changes the states as appropriate.

The base slide has been set to reset to initial state on revisit, this however, does not put the drag items back to their originating point. Not sure if I need this, or not, but useful to know how I do that, if that's possible.

Eva Phanvanova

Hi there,

I've been trying to follow the example of Rebecca's workaround above (thanks a lot for sharing), with slight tweaks in place, but I don't seem to be able to get my 'Pick One' interaction working. I tried different variations and even followed the video example exactly as presented, however I keep getting an error when submitting the interaction - the incorrect layers appear regardless of whether the interaction has been submitted correctly or not. 

Anyone that can help with this?