Can I make dropped items appear in the right order (front to back)

Nov 06, 2018

Hi all, I want learners to dress the character in the right PPE for a given task, but I want each piece of clothing to stack in the right order e.g. boots under overalls, no matter what order they drag them in - is this possible?  Many thanks!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Kim!  You could probably use variables to control the different drop states of those items, but since you have so many items, that might be a lot of time invested without a huge return.  It might be easier to accomplish if you had fewer items (one outfit's worth), and revealed them one at a time to control the flow.

Community folks, what do you do when you need to control the sequence of your drag-and-drop displays?

Daniel Servan

Hi Kim,

I suggest to layout the Boots and the Overall in a States.

For example:

State 1: Overall 1 + No Boots
State 2: Overall 2 + No Boots
State 3: Overall 1 + Boots
State 4: Overall 2 + Boots

If you drop Overall 1, and Drop Boots
Change the state to State 3

If you drop Overall 2, and Drop Boots
Change the state to State 4

If you remove the Boots
Change the state to State 2 :)

In the States, see to it that the boots is under the overall.

Hope this help

Shaun Martin

Kia ora Kim!

I think I may have found a working solution for you.

1. Give each drop target a new state that contains the item that the learner drops on it. Example create a new state (let's call it 'bootsdropped') for the 'boots' drop target and insert the boots into that state.

2. Create a tigger that when the boots drop item is dropped on the boots drop target the state of the drop target changes to 'bootsdropped'.

3. also create a trigger to change the state of the boots drop item to hidden when it is dropped on the boots drop target.

By doing this, as long as you have your drop targets layered correctly (which it seems you already do) then regardless of the order the learner drops the items, they stack correctly.

See attached example in which I only did this for 3 items - for boots, arc pants and arc jacket... but it should be enough to show how it works in practice.

The one downside of doing this is the original drop item is hidden meaning if the learner changes their mind and wants to remove an item of PPE they can't. To get around this I included a 'reset' button which reloads the slide fom the beginning. This means they have to do all over again, but that should be ok as it's not a complicated interaction.

Hope this helps!

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