Can not open a hyperlinked PDF file in Storyline

I can not seem to open a pdf file that I link to. I have put the file in numerous locations, both in the root of the story file as well as a folder inside the same folder as the project, and even outside the project. I have used the automated link to feature and tried manually typing the path to the pdf, it never opens when I click the link? Of course I publish the file to test the link. The pdf opens fine in the browser if I open it straight away without using storyline. I have tried several path variations as well as placement in and outside the scroll panel that I wish to have the link located. I hope it is me overlooking something obvious. HELP! I will gladly provide a file for any one whom can help.


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Joe Shultheis

problem is I have a couple hundred files I will want to link to from this story file. I am still stymied with this. I have no server to post these to yet, and I can not figure out google drive. When I open Google Drive I see my files there, but if I try to open the published html file I see the code, I do not see how to open the file with a browser from google drive.

When I save the story file in Google drive and publish it, it asks if I want to view it, I say yes... it has a local address. I wish I had Dreamweaver on this computer and a server I could use for this project, but alas, I need do the best I can with what I have here. Something so simple has stopped me dead in the water and I have spent all day on this now. I will go away and return tomorrow and hope for a new perspective.