Can quiz review show ONLY wrongly answered questions?


I need to create a coaching report / quiz review but have it only show the questions that have been answered incorrectly. Currently the quiz review shows all the questions right or wrong.

I got as far as thinking about creating two variables on each question slide - one to trigger if selected (it's a randomised pool) and one to trigger if answered correctly or not. I can't think what to do next. I guess have a button on the results slide to say 'review quiz' and take them to a scene that somehow collates the wrongly answered questions, but how to filter this out and set it up? Any ideas?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Alex

without knowing your exact setup see if the attached sample gives you some ideas.

I have created a T/F variable for each of the four quiz questions and a T/F variable called 'Review'

You'll see the triggers on the correct layer of each question and also on the result slide.

Hope this helps

Alex Kidner

Thanks Wendy,

I'm probably being thick, but i can't quite understand how that works. The true/false on each question tracks whether it was answered correctly, but then how does the review option know to exclude the correctly answered questions? 

Apologies if i'm missing something really obvious. 

If you could explain what's going on in a bit more detail?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Alex,

You'll see in Wendy's example file there is a trigger to "jump to next slide when the timeline starts if it's equal to true" - what will happen is the review is a revisit to the slide, and when the users are brought back to those slides where the variable is equal to true, they'll jump right past the slide and continue on to the next one. You may see a blip of the screen - but that'll be dependent on the speed and environment within which you're testing. 

Wendy Farmer

Sorry Alex I missed your post - thanks Ashley for explaining.

The Review variable that is set to True on the results slide when the user clicks the Review button drives the revisit to each quiz slide showing or not.

Alex to lessen the blip or flash iof screens you could try reducing the timeline to the minimum available but it may still happen.