Can someone take a look at the story file?

Mar 27, 2017


I'm having the following issue. I have tw0 slides and want the custom Previous/Next buttons to appear on the screen when the slides are visited for the second time.

To do this, I created a variable "SlidePlayed" (value 0), added a trigger to change the value of the variable to 1 when the slide ends, and another one to show the layer with the Previous/Next buttons when timeline starts if "SlidePlayed" equals 1.


This is working on other slides, but for some reason it is not working in the first slide (see storyfile).


Can anyone take a look??

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Phil Mayor

The trigger that adds one to the score is after the jump to trigger so will never work, you need to move it above the jump to trigger.

An easy way to test this sort of thing is to add a shape or textbox on your slide with a a reference to the variable you are trying to change, this way you can see if the variable has changed or not.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Pamela

this is how you had the triggers - so when the user clicks the hotspot the action is to jump to slide 1.2.2.

In this case the 'add 1.00' to the variable doesn't happen because the user has left this slide and when they return, the variable hasn't changed so doesn't show the layer.

When you put the triggers in the following order, the variable adjusts (+1) and then jumps to slide 1.2.2.

When the user returns to this slide, the variable has changed so meets your requirement to show the layer.

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