Can Storyline tell Moodle a module has been viewed?

Nov 13, 2013

I have a module that I created with Storyline and have published it to Moodle.  I used Moodle to create a quiz that can only be accessed when the student first views the module.  The thing is, all you have to do is open the module and view a single slide, and it comes back as "viewed".  Is there a way to get the story to send out a message that the module has been viewed, maybe after seeing 80% of the slides?

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Phil Mayor

If you use the completion setting and set it to grade.

Track storyline by slides viewed, set the tracked amount by 80%ish

Publish to Scorm, install in moodle as learning objects, remember to set a grade (it will be 1).

Set it in noodles as completed if the user gets a grade

Set a conditional activity for your quiz that it is visible only when Scorm is completed

Gordon Wimpress

Ah.  I didn't realize that you set tracking by number of slides viewed in publishing.  I was looking around in Storyline itself, trying to find a trigger that sent the message or something.  So, the "grade" it sends is a value of "1" if the correct number of slides have been viewed?  OK, I'll set it to that.  

Yes, I already have the quiz greyed out unless the module is viewed.  It was just being activated as soon as any slide was viewed.  Great.  I'll try it.  Thanks.

Gordon Wimpress

OK, still trying. 

A question:  what does Storyline consider as a "viewed" slide?  Does the slide have to be seen all the way to the end of its timeline?  Or can it just be clicked on to be "viewed"?

Also, I published to Moodle ok.  But I'm not sure in your response what you mean by "install in Moodle as learning objects".  I just have a choice to upload a SCORM package as a .zip of the entire contents of the output, and it installs it fine.

Gordon Wimpress

Still having trouble.  Moodle is not getting the signal to unlock the quiz.  Here's what I did:

I set the slide tracking during the publish to just over 1/2 the slides (23 of 42).

Uploaded the SCORM.

Checked the box on the SCORM for "Student must view this activity to complete it".  I had also tried "student must receive a grade to complete this activity".  Do you know which I should use?

On the quiz, I tried a couple of things, neither of which seemed to work. 

I set a grade condition in the Restrict Access section for the grade to be at least 1%.

I also tried just having the Activity completion condition of the module as "must be marked complete". 

I tried playing it all the way through a couple of times with different settings, but the quiz never gets activated. 

I realize this is not a Moodle forum, but please confirm that I'm on the right track.  I'll keep trying. 


Gordon Wimpress

I got it working, sort of.

So I published the Storyline with tracking for a certain number of slides needing to be viewed.

The settings that then worked in Moodle are:

Within the SCORM, I set "Student must view this activity to complete it".

Within the quiz, I set the Activity completion condition within Restrict Access as the module "must be marked complete".  I set the completion tracking variable within Activity Completion to "Show activity as complete when conditions are met", and checked the box that requires a grade.

So far, this is the only combination that I was able to get to unlock the quiz, but it doesn't seem to wait until the number of slides are viewed.  I tried making it receive a grade, and setting the quiz grade requirement to 1%, but that didn't seem to work.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm tired.....

In the certificate, I set the Grade Condition for the quiz to be at least 60%.  To be doubly sure, I also set the Activity completion condition for the module to "must be marked complete", though this setting may be redundant, since the quiz already has this condition.  But it works, so I'm not changing it! 

Also, I did find out that "viewing" a slide simply means going to it and having the timeline start.  If I click off of it quickly, it still satisfies the condition, but I'm not too worried about that, since they still have to pass the quiz. 

So, the quiz is greyed out until the module is viewed, and the certificate gets generated when the quiz is passed.  Cool!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Dean -- Thanks for your question! My apologies if I am not clear on what you're asking, but have you had a chance to take a look at this information on Publishing for LMS, particularly the info below from Step 5: Choose Reporting and Tracking Options:

Click the Tracking tab on the left side of the window and choose one of the following tracking options:

Track using number of slides viewed: Use this option to specify how many slides learners need to view in order to complete the course.


Track using quiz result: Use this option to track learners based on their quiz results. If your course has multiple quizzes, you'll need to pick just one result slide to use for tracking. (This option is grayed out if your course doesn't have any result slides.)

Click OK to save your changes.

Dean DiMonte

Hi Christine
Thank you for your reply.  I apologize for not being clear.  We do know how to set the "tracking" in articulate.

The issue is in a MOODLE platform we have both "learning objects" and "highest grade" settings how the SCORM is reported once published.  For example, if we set it to "highest grade" the "results slide" from AS2 works well.  However, if we wanted to just track "slide views" we set it to "track # of slides viewed" and it will only track "complete or incomplete".  But we have students that only partially complete the AS2 published SCORM in our MOODLE, - and our teachers want to know if AS2 has "settings" that will report to the LMS on what slide they left off from.  For example if its a 10 slide program and the student only viewed 5 out of the 10 slides, does AS2 have a formula, setting, variable that can be set to report to the LMS on what slide # they left off from?  

Christie Pollick

Hi, Dean -- Thanks so much for the additional clarification, and may I ask if you are familiar with Changing the Resume Behavior for your course? As you will find, the Resume feature in Articulate Storyline controls how learners will experience your course if it's viewed more than once. You can customize resume behavior so that learners:

Start the course fresh every time

Start where they left off the last time they visited the course

Choose (via a prompt) whether to start over or resume where they left off

You may also find this article, Learning More About Your LMS: Suspend Data and Resume Behavior, to be helpful as well. And of course I would also invited your fellow community members who use Moodle to weigh in here with their thoughts, as well! :)

Phil Mayor

Hi Dean

I think the answer you are after is "no" Storyline does not report the slide last viewed to the LMS.  I have seen a thread on here where a user modified Moodle to do this but cannot find the thread.  The last slide viewed is reported in the resume data but this is compressed using a proprietary algorithm. Articulate Presenter 09 did report the last slide viewed as well as the order of slides viewed to Moodle and in the days of being a Moodle Admin this was really useful when troubleshooting an issue with a user.

Especially when we the user would skip to the quiz and we were tracking slides viewed.


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