Storyline 2 on the Moodle Mobile App

Nov 09, 2016


Does anyone have experience of developing storyline 2 content for delivery on the Moodle LMS and the Moodle Mobile app?

the module has been fully tested and works fine using tempshare and scormcloud.  When the client uploads the module to their Moodle LMS,  the module works perfectly on their local pcs, or using a web browser on the mobile device.

As soon as they view the content through the mobile app,  some of the triggers stop working. For example, we have a click to reveal interaction where the custom navigation button is disabled until all three items have been viewed.  the triggers for this slide won't work in the Moodle mobile app but do work when viewed outside of the app.

i don't know enough about moodle to know where to start with this, so any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Dan Marsden

Hi Justine, 

the SCORM player in the Mobile app is a dedicated player and runs locally on the device so that it does not require an internet connection and can be used offline. It is quite new and this is the first time I've heard of an issue with a SCORM package that runs properly on the main Moodle player but fails on the mobile app. Can you please create a new bug in the Moodle tracker and provide a copy of a really simple SCORM package that lets us reproduce the issue? If you could create a package with a couple of simple slides that is really quick to use it would help a lot.

The Moodle tracker is here:
On the first screen please select "Moodle Mobile" as the project when creating the bug.

then come back and add a link to your bug here for other people that might run into this.

Malcom - sorry to hear you've heard a lot of negativity about Moodle - it's interesting how passionate people can be when working with software! - Moodle is quite a big application and although you can download it and install it yourself, some organisations would be better to buy Moodle services "off the shelf" from a Moodle partner rather than go at it on their own. Moodle gives you the choice of doing it yourself or engaging a service provider to provide commercial level support (off the shelf) - you are also not tied into a single vendor so if you don't like the Moodle Partner you are working with you can find someone else. There are a number of off the shelf offerings including MoodleCloud for smaller sites (supported directly by the team)

(Full disclosure: I work for a Moodle Partner - see my profile for details)


Justine Swain

Thanks for your response Dan.

i am in the difficult position that i am producing the content for a client, and it is going on their Moodle. so i get no hands on testing with the scorm package in moodle;  i only have the client feedback.

so the most i could do is produce an extract of the module that includes the slide giving me the issue.  would this still work for raising a bug?  or would you need more info?

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