Can't access Storyline files after Storyline 2 trial uninstalled

Oct 07, 2014


I installed the trial version of Storyline 2 today. I noticed that all of my .story icons had changed to S2. I became concerned that the files themselves had been converted also. Fearing the ramifications of such once the trial period was over, I uninstalled Storyline 2. Now I can't open any of my project files.

Need help a.s.a.p., as I'm now dead in the water!

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Joy McGinty

Yes, Glen, it was!

I've since discovered that the "old" files no longer mapped (is that the correct term?) to any program whatsoever.

For some reason, when I tried to use the Open with... or Browse options in order to "tell" it what program to use, it couldn't find Storyline.

Launching Storyline and then opening .story files from within the program itself worked, but once closed, the files no longer associated themselves with Storyline.

It wasn't until I saved one of the files under a new name, that all of the .story files remapped themselves to Storyline for good. Now I can open files from within the Storyline program or from the file in Windows Explorer.

All's well. Whew!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Glen,

You'll see the icon changed - but I'm still able to navigate to open a SL1 file in SL1 by right clicking and choosing the program from that list - or opening up SL1 and then choosing "Open" to see what files are available. Also, before SL2 was live, but I had a beta version installed and for about a week or so after being live  - I was able to change the default program for my system and set it to open all .story files in SL1. 

HPL Training

Hi Ashley - I am having the exact same problem as Joy - I had Storyline 2 installed, and all my projects automatically started opening with Storyline 2. My trial ended, I uninstalled Storyline 2, and now there is no program associated with my files. I have to browse through Storyline which wastes so much time. I just want it to go back to how it was.

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