Can't edit video or screen recordings

May 09, 2016

I get error "The video could not be encoded" when I try to edit volume on a screen recording or video.


I guess I probably need administrative rights granted somewhere.   How do I determine what folder I need to have my IT staff open up for me?

I need to mute audio on a screen recording.  I was just going to -100 the volume on it.

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Brian Grimm

I had not seen that option - that does allow me to mute the volume.   Thank you.

I still need to figure out the administrative rights so that I can edit, crop, etc... videos and then save them.   The videos are .mp4, audio recorded in storyline, screen recordings recorded in story line.  Simply doesn't let me save.   I too work in a pretty locked down environment - I am sure IT just needs to open up rights for me somewhere.

Soren J Birch

Can you take a look at this too? I completely reinstalled SL2, followed all the repair steps listed on the Erratic behaviour page you link to. Removed SL2, ran the cleanup bat, reinstalled SL 2 with Admin privileges, reinstalled .NET Framework 4.6 from options


Windows 10 64 bit here. The video is on 2 Packing Slide #2

Soren J Birch


I have made headway and I suspect I know why: On multi screen setups Storyline 2 fails to open the video editor window - for some reason - maybe it is out of bounds? You should be able to manipulate it with using Alt+Space  - M (Move) or Alt+Space - C to close it. But it is not active.

Could be related to Intel DisplayLink software that deals with multiple displays, it is part of the Intel HD graphics driver package.

This effectively stops SL2 from working. SL2 waits for the Window that doesn't open and stalls. You are unable to close the window  or move it. So deadlock.

A fast workaround is to unhook all external displays. This forces Windows to reposition all onto one screen, and bingo! There was your lost window! Now it can draw itself. You can now replug the screens, reposition SL2 to the screen you want it to be and the Video Editor window will open as it is supposed to from now on.

Funny thing is: If you hit Alt+Space - C at the time where you clicked Edit Video and SL2 seems to freeze, then unhook displays so the Windows desktop changes its topography, THEN the Window will be opened and immediately shut itself down again.

Soren J Birch

I have further identified that this could be a clash between how DisplayLink handles USB screen output and Storyline 2. I am not sure how to proceed from this? Is it DisplayLink's fault or is it Articulate? And if it's nobody's fault who will fix it? 

Many people use DisplayLink as it is technology baked into many laptops already where you use a desktop dock to expand the number of ports and screens you can support from the unit.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Soren,

I think this is something we'd want to have our team test and take a look at in terms of multiple monitors which I know is a set up a number of us use - although I can't say for certain that it would be related to Display Link or that we have that set up to test it with. You mentioned it froze Storyline, but is it possible it seems frozen in the sense that you're unable to find the pop up editing screen as it's hidden on another monitor? Did you check behind other open applications to see if you were able to find it there?

If you'd like to reach out and work with our Support engineers you'll be able to find them here. 

Jason Chan

I have the same issue with editing video and getting the error. Using Admin privileges to open up Storyline 2 or 3 fixed the problem. 

My computer is locked down too where I can't edit, add, or rename items in the C:/Program Files (x86) folder unless I'm an admin.

It seems to work fine with audio though.

The main issue I've run into (besides getting the admin rights) is that you have to then open up the .story file from then on using admin mode.

This is annoying because I can't just click on the file to open it. I have to right click Storyline, then open as admin, then look for the file to open.

It may be possible to create an admin version of the executable and/or change the rights within the .story file afterwards, but I haven't had a chance to try that.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jason,

You shouldn't have to run Storyline with admin privileges, it only needs to be installed as the admin and then activated by the end user (with the serial number). 

What were you trying to edit or rename in the Program files? 

If you'd like our support team to help - they'd be happy to take a look at any other settings on your computer and offer ideas! 

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