Can't freely navigate using menu

Jun 28, 2013

Everything is set to freely navigate - no restrictions.

However, I can't navigate to the Practice Exercise or the PCs Tab using the menu.

Can you give me some ideas on what I should check?

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Tessa Maki

Hi Liz,

I discovered this the other day, too, and was a bit frustrated because I really didn't want any of the titles of the slides to appear in the menu.

But I just had an idea - if you really don't want the title of any of the slides to appear in the menu, it works to change the title of the first slide to be blank; then just have that slide appear in the menu. It makes for an extra line space in the menu, but it lets you click on the scene without the extra text appearing. And if the learner happens to click on the blank line, it just brings them to the first slide of the scene. Hope this makes sense and might be useful!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Tessa and Liz, if you don't want the blank line space to appear you can also delete the title from the menu. When you delete a tile from the menu Storyline will ask if you would like to keep the parent's child. If you say yes, the title will be removed but all of the slides associated with that title will remain on the menu. 

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