Can't get a text entry submit trigger to work when text entry field is on a layer

Oct 29, 2023

hello - I've created a layer with a text entry field.  The user types EMR, clicks Enter and the slide advances to the next slide.  It's worked on other slides when I place the text entry box on the base layer.

I can set the key press trigger

I can set the Object Trigger

But I can't seem to set a player trigger of submit button.

I also can't get the form view to yield a text entry field to evaluate.  

I've tried copying the triggers from another page where it's working but the submit button trigger doesn't come over.

Any help would be appreciated.  

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Jennifer  Turner

Hey! I got it to work by doing a new screen recording of that individual slide. And then copying it back into the course.

It seems that you can only get the Form View if you do a screen recording.

Thanks for the help though! You guys are the Best!

Jennifer Turner
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