Keyboard Enter button bypassing text entry mouse click submit

Am noticing on a slide with a text entry field, it's allowing the Enter button keypress to bypass the text entry and move to the results screen. I checked the trigger state and it's set to be based on the user clicks the Submit button. I need to ensure the user's can't bypass the text entry Submit by pressing Enter. Any suggestions?

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Darrin Hayes

I originally had imported a single-screen quizmaker quiz with short-answer survey question. Then removed that and added a Survey>Short Answer slide in SL via Insert Slide>Quizzing. I have done some edits on the slide after inserting it. The Submit interaction action is set to occur when user clicks the submit button.

Brian Batt

Hi Darrin,

Instead of using a Survey > Short Answer, use a Survey > Essay.  

The Short Answer is a survey question that allows the user to enter a short, freeform response.  User responses can be up to 256 characters long & it's not intended to be used for paragraphs.  Thus, the Enter button submits the answer.

The Essay is a survey question that allows the user to enter a long, freeform response.  Thus, the enter button returns to the next line.