Using Data Entry Fields


I've built a course using SL3, I have a data-entry box where users enter text and hit a 'Submit' button to get feedback. The problem is, I have the data-entry field and the 'Submit' button on the same layer, and the user can hit submit and get feedback even if he/she doesn't enter any text.

How do I include a condition to check if the user hasn't entered any text at all, before hitting the submit button?


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Princy John

Ideally, that should work. But, I have 3 triggers on the "Submit" button.

  • 'Layer Correct" when TextEntry = Correct Answer
  • 'Layer Wrong' when TextEntry != Correct Answer
  • 'Layer Enter Text' when TextEntry = Blank

When the text entry is left blank it shows 'Layer Wrong'...I want it to show 'Layer Enter Text'.