Can't get email to work anymore

Dec 08, 2023

This has been working for days. Now all of a sudden I can't get my JavaScript to send an email for love or money. I do not get it. Not a bit. It is not gotten by me. Grrrr.

In the attached course, the final slide has a trigger to execute Javascript from a button click. The disabled one is the one I've been using for a few days now successfully, until yesterday afternoon when it refused to. The active trigger is the the default script pulled from online examples of emailing from Javascript in Storyline. Neither opens an email.

I changed the trigger to "Send an Email" instead of "Execute Javascript", and that had no problem opening a blank email to send.

...and I am defeated, alas.

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Steven Benassi

Hi Jim!

Thanks for reaching out!

I noticed that you've opened a support case and connected with my teammate Robert. Glad to hear you found a solution! It looks like Robert replied to your e-mail with some follow-up questions as well.

We can continue the conversation through your support case to keep all information in one spot.