Can't publish to Word

Mar 02, 2022

I'm trying to publish my storyline file to Word, though when I click 'PUBLISH' it takes me directly to 'Congratulations! XXX was published successfully' screen, though nothing has happened. I've tried clicking ' VIEW DOCUMENT' and nothing as well. Reading other posts I have tried unselecting 'Show slide notes' though still same issue.

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Wilbert Mariano

Hi Penelope and Carrie,

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! We're glad you're here. 😀

Does other Articulate 360 team members encounter this issue on your end?

What version of Microsoft Office are you using?

Please complete the repair steps here step listed for your version of Windows. If you've completed all the steps, keep me posted if this is only happening to your machine.


Hi Carrie!

Below is something that we advise and could be causing your publishing to Word issue.

Be sure the file paths to your projects and published output are well under the 260-character limit imposed by Microsoft Windows. (Publishing adds characters to the file path you selected. If it exceeds 260 characters, your published output will be incomplete.)

Avoid using special characters, accents, or symbols in your file paths and file names. Learn more about naming conventions in this Microsoft article.

I also would recommend making sure Word is still your default program for opening .doc files. For Windows this is often in Settings > Apps > Default Apps.

If that doesn't seem to help, the fastest way to get this resolved is to open a case with our Support Engineers. You can reach them anytime, day or night, right here.