Can't remove gradient from captions and buttons

May 22, 2013

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone has figured out a trick to remove the gradient from captions and buttons. Even though I set them to solid fill, they always look like they have a subtle gradient to them. The only time they actually go completely solid is if I choose black as the fill colour. See the attached file-- these captions have been set to solid fill with the gradient removed--however there is still a subtle gradient on them.

Any workarounds to this?

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Will Bladon


Tip I picked up off someone else on here-

Add any shape to the slide, and colour however you wanted the button to look- without the gradient etc. Then click the 'format painter' button (top left of home tab, in clipboard group), then click on the button to apply the formatting from the shape to that button. This removes the gradient problem.

Cant remember who it was that told me that, but credit to them.


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