Can we upload the Storyline Output on Sharepoint?

One of our client requirement is to upload the elearning package on Sharepoint so that they share the link of this module to their audience. While uploading the package, there is an error which says "There are more than 100 files can't upload". Is there a way to upload these files in Sharepoint? I am not aware of sharepoint. Can anyone help?

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David Price

You might be able to upload them in smaller segments, however you may run across problems when it comes to the sub folders that Storyline puts all its content into.  You may have to create them manually and then upload the content directly into each folder.  Would be a nightmare to manage if you ever changed anything.

We use Sharepoint internally and I had a number of problems getting Storyline to work with it because of the URL's, etc.  In the end I just created what I wanted in Captivate which outputs a single .swf file which can be viewed.

You may want to find out if you can get FTP access to a folder on the SharePoint servers that you can put your content into.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Ranjeeta -- Thanks for reaching out, and while I have no background with using SharePoint personally, I thought I might pass along a few other threads where uploading to SharePoint is discussed in case you would like to take a look:

Hope that helps! 

Judy Nollet

FYI: On the SharePoint page where you want to load the course, go to the Libary tab. That has an Open with Explorer button, which does that just: opens an Explorer window of the page. That allows you to copy all of the course files at once. Caveats:

  • This is for SharePoint 2010. The button might be different in v2013, though I'd assume it has this functionality.
  • In my experience, it sometimes takes A LOT longer to upload files that way. It seems to vary based on network traffic. So I usually load course files directly -- and in batches to keep under the 100-item limit.
  • The SharePoint site I work on always adds an underscore to the end of the "external_files" folder name (i.e., "external_files_"). And it will not let me name it to match what it should be. I'm guessing that's to avoid conflicts with how SharePoint uses folders with that name, but I really don't know. Be aware of this if you have external files attached, because if your SharePoint renames that folder, the course won't know where to access the files.