Can you save the data entered in a course so that when the same user reopens the course it sees their answers?

May 25, 2016


I have a course hosted on the LMS of the client (accordLMS), with several modules in it. My client would like that the users can see their previous entries when they return to take each module (over a year). Is this possible at all?

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Helene Caura

Hi Christie

Thank your for your reply. When you mean "score", do you mean "all data entered" (I don't have scores), just free text entries and buttons selected? So it's not a Storyline issue, for sure? Every time we reopen a course and the user resumes where they left at, it will automatically keep all data I have chosen to keep? I just want to make sure I contact the LMS provider with the right questions. 

Christie Pollick

Thanks, Helene, and may I ask if you have tested the course via the SCORM Cloud and are finding the same behavior? This article might also be helpful for ideas on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud. If your course retains data as expected in the SCORM Cloud, but not in your LMS, we would typically recommend that you reach out to your LMS for additional assistance at that point. 

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