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Nov 19, 2015

Recently, some colleagues came to me with a Storyline file created for them by a consultant.  The purpose of interaction is to allow learners to drag and drop a variety of objects onto a map, then "submit" the finished product to an instructor for review.  The instructor would then present all the maps in a virtual classroom for discussion.  There are no right / wrong answers per se.

We understand the drag/drop interaction, but don't understand the consultant's intent for submission and can't seem to figure out a way to send the map to the instructor, outside of taking a screenshot of it and emailing it.   This course NOT in an LMS and was created in SL1

How would you solve this problem?

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Brian Allen

Hello Michael,

Taking a look at the SL1 story file, and the interaction is incomplete.  There is nothing set up in the .story file to actually submit the interaction to anything.

If this was part of the agreement with your consultant and they have not been paid, I would make sure they finish before paying.  If the consultant has already been paid, then I would insist they complete it.

With that being said, unfortunately there is no way, that I'm aware of anyways, to actually submit the interaction from Storyline so that it can be used the way you describe in your question, there's just nothing in the tool that allows us to do that.

Capturing a screenshot may not be ideal, but it may be the easiest way for your students to complete this activity.

It's possible that someone here in the Community may have a better idea (hopefully!).

Brian Allen
Michael Palko

Needless to say, they've ended the relationship with that vendor.

Definitely understandable, given the circumstances.  It's easy sometimes to over promise, but once you've realized you're not able to do what has been promised the right thing to do is to eat your pride and be up front with the customer.

Robert Stewart

I'm thinking quickly off the top of my head: I captured a Storyline screen using a fla file I found using Google (there are also JavaScript Canvas solutions). As for sending, you may need a webObject (.asp, php page) to send it to a server side script to build a html page for the instructor.

Anything is possible. However, tell the consultant, I change twice as much for whatever he charged to dream up; without knowing anything about it.

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