Can you time a state change to a video?

Is there a way to have a video control the state of an object? 

I have a video in my course that needs to have a transcript below it. I can not use the built in transcript or CC because those can not be visually designed and you cant choose their placement. So i've created a textbox for the transcript with each new line in a state. So, I'm looking for a way to control the state the text box based on the timeline of the video. Is that possible? 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sarah

One way would be to run through the video using the play button at the bottom of the timeline and add cue points where you need the text box to display.  Then trigger the textbox you want to appear at the cue points. I would probably put them on individual layers so you could do show layer 1 when timeline reaches cue point 1, show layer 2 etc.  but that's just an individual preference so I didn't have lots of states for the textbox changes or lots of text boxes.