Can you use variables to create your own passing score? Needed for gamification

Aug 24, 2017

Hi all,

I am developing a scenario-based elearning course. The course puts the learner in a variety of situations where they have to choose the best way to react. Unfortunately, the scenarios are not sequential (or back to back in a normal quiz).

Has anyone ever used the variables to create your own passing score? For example, I want my learners to get 80% of the scenarios correct for the course to mark as complete. 


Any thoughts? 

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Simon Blair

Hi Ian,

You can. I can think of a couple of ways of doing it, they vary in complexity.

  • If you're comfortable with JavaScript, you could modify the API.js file (I think) to use a custom score variable
  • If you can get by with just pass/fail, you could use the custom score to send people to a pass or fail screen with a dummy question (hide the question element off-screen and use by triggers to set the state)


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