Custom Results Slide for branching quiz structure

May 14, 2013

I have created a quiz that branches. So basically, if you click one button you are sent to question A & if you click another button you are sent to question B.

In total,  I have 20 points of non-branching & 20 points of branching.

The total point score (100%) should be 40.

Passing Score is set to 80%

What I want to get in my report:

Your score: [PointsScored/40] (PointsScored points)

Passing Score: 80% (32 points)

What actually gets reported:

Your score: 66.66% (40 points)

Passing Score: 80% (48 points)

This is because Storyline is counting the quiz questions that were never completed (20 points worth) due to branching.

I can fix everything by changing the values except the percentage score:

Your score: [????] (PointsScored points)

Passing Score: 80% (32 points)

Is there a way to divide two variables in Storyline to create a proper version of %Results.ScorePercent%?

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