Multi language graded quizzing with question banks

May 30, 2013

Dear, I created 3 projects/graded quiz with result slide in Dutch, French and English. Separately all working fine.

I need to combine these 3 projects in one, at the beginning the user chooses the language and at the end i need the score of 1 quiz in LMS. When creating the LMS package I only can select 1 result slide.  When I click the review button on one of the  result slides, I sometimes got the review of another language :(

Any chance I can fix this project? If not, i don't mind starting all over again.

Can someone please tell me how to start a multi-language quiz, with questions banks and result slide? Another idea?

Thank you for helping me out.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Saike,

In regards to the slides being in a disabled state and all marked as incorrect have you looked into the slide properties and set them to "resume saved state"? During a review, they will be in a disabled state as you wouldn't want the user to be able to change their answer. If you do want them to be able to change their answer, you'll want to use the "retry quiz" functionality. 

Sara G

I was able to play with the triggers so that Storyline submits the score of the one (out of three) quiz that I complete. I still use a 4th results slide but use it NOT to average the three results slides, but to submit a result (including passing point and score %) to the LMS only if the learner has passed one of the quizzes. So, I saw that our LMS showed a score of 100% (not 33.33%) when I completed only one of the quizzes in the attached file.

See attached. I'd like to know if your LMS behaves well with this. When I test it on ScormCloud it only shows a pass, not the score. 

Sara G

I realized my pass.point etc selections in the previous posts's file were not correct. And since I had pass score as 100%, I wasn't seeing the problem with the way SL submits scores to the LMS.

Here is the SL file with the correct triggers. But I'm not getting the score submission to act the way I want. Although I have 50% as passing score for the three results slides of the quizzes, it records 100% when I pass one of the quizzes. What's great is that it won't record a score if I fail the quiz (i.e. get 0% because I get both questions wrong), but when I answer one correctly and the other incorrectly (i.e. get 50% score), it still submits 100% to the LMS. So I guess, this file works if your quizzes' passing score is 100% - because there won't be a discrepency between the score the learner got in one of the quizzes when s/he passed it and the score the LMS shows.

p.s. I could have sworn after saving and reopening the file, the triggers automatically change from pass.percent to pass.point... 


Donielle Bell

Hi all! I have a similar issue, but I'm not sure if any of the mentioned solutions would help.


  • I need to create a quiz that has about 10 questions.
  • There will be an additional 3 questions for those in a specific market.
  • I need the score to show accurately in the LMS.

I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to report the score correctly to the LMS by not penalizing those who don't need to answer the additional 3 questions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Diana Myers

@Donielle - you could use 2 different quizzes and one "overall" results slide that looks to see if they passed quiz 1 (Regular Markets/10 Questions) OR if they passed quiz 2 (Special Markets/13 Questions). 

I worked up a quick sample file - let me know if this might work for you. 


Donielle Bell

I am still subscribed. Diana, thank you so much. I will take a look at it and let you know what happens. I ended up using a third results slide the reported either 100 or zero, and I created a variable to show the correct score on the screen. This is still not ideal, because the user could get a 90 which is passing, but there learning history will show a 100. Likewise, if they fail, it shows a 0. 

Stephanie Case

I am trying to get my LMS to record a failing score when 1 of 3 quizzes completed in my course has been taken but the learner failed the quiz. Unfortunately, the LMS is recording a pass, or completion, no matter what score is being passed to it. I am using ComplianceWire as the LMS and I've tried following what Diana did in her original file plus looked at her recent file that she created for Donielle. 

My learners must get 80% for a passing score and will only take 1 of the 3 quizzes in the module. I am using 5 questions in each quiz (so 4/5 must be correct) and pulling the questions from their own question banks. I have a Results slide for each quiz and then a "master" results slide which would submit the results. I just don't know why the LMS is seeing a failing score as a passing score when it receive the score less than 80%.

Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated. 

Diana Myers

Hi Stephanie!  Sorry to hear you're having issues...  can you share a screen shots of the results slides for each of the 3 quizzes and the Master results slide and the triggers you've used?  I wonder if one of the conditions is set to AND instead of OR.  Or perhaps it's an issue with "equal to vs. less than' with the scores... 

I know we can find a way to make this work for you!

Stephanie Case

Hi Diana,

Actually, I just checked my files again and compared it to your most recent file posted and it looks like I have it working now! I'm so ecstatic that I didn't have to re-work this module. I really appreciate your files as they helped guide me to the working results. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in the Forum! It has been invaluable to me on this training module.

Thank you again!

Stephanie Case

I had the Submit Results on the individual Results slides instead of using triggers on the Final Results slide to submit the individual results based on the learner's score. I removed those triggers and put a trigger for each quiz's results on the Final Results slide and it appears to be working just fine.

I thought I had removed those individual submission triggers (I probably did and put them back because it wasn't working - LOL). I stopped looking at the file for a few days, too, which probably helped to clear my head and look at it fresh. :)

Thanks to everyone in these Forums for the participation. They are one of the best Forums out there to find solutions for a problem.

Indrani Sen


I have created Storyline 2 course with three sections organised as tabs.  At the end of this course, after user completes all the 3 sections, they need to access the 4th tab which is a quiz section.  As of now, the users can freely navigate to all these 4 tabs.  How can I make the Quiz tab available to learners only after they have completed 3 sections?  Sort of forcing and encouraging them to complete all the sections before processing to quiz section.  Here is a screen-shot of the interface.  Many thanks