Passing Points on Custom Results Slide

Hello all

I have created a manual results slide.  I have been able to use variables and references to display:

Your score:  # (total points) points out of # (possible points)  

Passing score:  65%.

I also need to display :

  1. Your score percentage #% (I know the maths is total points score x total possible points divided by 100) How can I display that with variables?
  2. Passing points (The maths would be 65% x possible points).  How do I display that with variables.

I have attached my slide.  

Thanks in advance for any help.  



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Judy Nollet

I suggest you use the built-in Results variables. 

The easiest way to display those variable is to insert a new Results slide. That will be created with text boxes that display the variables. Otherwise, you can insert a variable reference, either by typing the variable name within percent signs (e.g., %Results.ScorePercent%).

You can apply a blank or custom layout to the Results slide, and then add/delete/revise other objects as desired to get the look you want. 

Using the standard Results slides and its built-in variables allows Storyline to send the quiz data to an LMS/LRS. Otherwise, with custom variables, you'll have to use JavaScript or other custom programming to track the score.

Jennifer Munro

Hi Judy, thanks for your response. 

I can't use the built-in variables because there are a number of drag and drop slides that I built manually so that the learner receives points for each correct placement.  

I am concerned about your comment that this project will need javascript to make it report to the LMS/LRS.  This project is due to go live in approximately 2 weeks.  Can you recommend someone that could assist with the javascript?

Kind regards


Judy Nollet

I don't have any recommendations for JS experts. 

There is a Storyline-only option you could try: use a disguised question slide for your drag-and-drops. In other words, have standard multiple-choice buttons off the slide. Use triggers to select the appropriate button based on the "score" of your custom drag-and-drop. 

Here are a few posts that describe similar situations. These might give you a better idea of what I mean: