'Cannot Download Content' message on iPad workaround

Jan 15, 2013

I've just discovered that the Storyline iPad app will not download content from a password protected site.  Unfortuntately, this is what my client's site is and what most sites are.  Wish I would've known this earlier.

So now I'm stuck.  Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get around this. 

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Peter Anderson

Hi guys, 

Sounds like CK1 may be running into something different, for which I'd encourage you to submit a case, but wanted to add that the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad will display the following error if one or more files are missing from the output folder on the server:

Cannot Download Content:

Articulate Mobile Player cannot download the content because one or more of the files cannot be found.

This article has more...



Based on the link you provided (summary below) it sounds like there are only two issues that could have caused the error prompt.  Is this true? 

I read from another forum post that the iPad app will not work on a password protected site.  Is that true?  I know it won't work with an LMS.  Please confirm.  Thanks.

Cannot Download Content:

Articulate Mobile Player cannot download the content because one or more of the files cannot be found.

This error indicates that one of the following is true:

  • You're not connected to the Internet.
  • One or more expected files were moved, deleted, or not uploaded to the server.
Peter Anderson

Hi CK1, 

So just to be clear, your website is not an LMS, correct? Are you able to privately share a link to your course, with login credentials so we can check this out on our end? I think the general rule is, that browsers cannot pass security credentials to iPad apps, but you're correct that our documentation seems to only note this as it applies specifically to LMSes, so we'd be appreciative if we could test yours to confirm. Thanks!


Correct, this is not being launched from an LMS.  It's a password protected corporate site.  Unfortunately, I can't give you login credentials.

I'll reconfirm that every file has been uploaded, but if that wasn't the problem is there another possiblity as to why this is happening?  I don't have access to their site so it's a bit tricky trouble shooting this.  BTW, the course works fine when launched via a PC.

I'm also suggesting moving the files to a different location within their site, possibly to an area that is not password protected.

maurice harshaw

Hey all,

After hours and hours of troubleshooting, I've figured it out why my training wasn't letting me download it for offline use. Not sure if the projects described are set up the same or not, but it may help you - if not, maybe someone in the future. 

I had two videos embedded in my training (which were wmv's to begin with) and when projects are exported, all videos are converted to mpeg4's. Our server did not have that file as a MIME type. Once I removed the videos, the "Available Offline" option worked. With the addition of MPEG4's added as a MIME type, offline version will work with the videos.

Hope this helps someone!



Peter Anderson

Hi CK1,

A https website, in general, shouldn't conflict with running your course on the iPad app (I'll double-check that and confirm). It's any site with login credentials that would cause the problem. As I stated before, the general rule is, that browsers cannot pass security credentials to iPad apps. So is your https site also password-protected, or no?

Jeff Forrer

I am running into the same issue. mine is intermittent . one time my client is able to download...the next time it errors out. this is with the same link and it is not secured, password protected or on an lms. sometimes after 2-3 times it works. there is a lot of fly video in the program. but why work sometimes and not others? this is without the link changing and on a LAN connection. thanks

Peter Anderson

Sorry about the trouble, Jeff. We've seen this pop up from time to time, outside of these circumstances, and I'm told that the next update to Storyline will be much better at making sure this doesn't happen. 

You'll want to enable the "Check for updates at startup" feature in Storyline to be notified when new updates get released.


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