Updating content in the App when content on web is updated

Feb 27, 2013

If you view a StoryLine course in the App on an iPad and choose to download it to the iPad, what happens if the content on the web (republish) is updated? It appears that the downloaded version in the App doesn't update. Is there a process to update content you have chosen to download to your iPad?

I tried changing the version number when I republished, but it doesn't tell the Articulate App that a newer version is available.

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Kevin Thorn

Great question Micheal. I recall this came up last year during the beta phase but hadn't heard anything since. 

Until a resolution for this sort of thing is addressed by the fine engineers at Articulate, I'd suggest a communication plan similar to what you may already have in place. 

Any of my clients who have content running on their iPads, our plan is to send out a communication to their users (whatever mechanism they currently use) informing them of an update. The update communication would have a new link and instructions similar to the one sent when first downloading. We haven't had any updates yet that would require that second communication yet but it's in place if we do.

Depending on your project it also depends on if the course in fact needs to be downloaded at all. If the business doesn't need them to have the content offline and can connect when they need to view it, you can just leave it on a server and make updates as needed. Every time they access it from that point will always be the latest version.

Michael Gallagher

I did a test on the iPad where I went to the link in the safari browser and launched the course. It launched in the App and added a new Library item. Not a good solution when content updates.

My wish would be that when you republish content, you edit the version number in the publish dialog. Then when a user launches a course that already exists in the App, the App looks at the version number and tells the user that new content is available, and that they can click a button to upate their course in the library.

Articulate, are you out there? Any comments or advice?

Vivi Friedgut

Hello everyone...

Can anyone please tell me if this issue has been resolved?

I have updated the web content and nothing I do seems to update the ipad version of the content. I have deleted cookies, deleted the cache, uninstalled and re-installed the app and am officially at a loss.

I would have thought this is a pretty obvious feature?

Any help out there? Anyone? Please?


Michael Gallagher

Open the App and view the library. Press your finger down and hold on the course you want to delete. After a few seconds, "X"s will appear. Click on the "X" of the course you want to delete. Unfortunately, there is no way I know of to update the content of a course once it's in your App library. Would be a nice option.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vivi and welcome to Heroes! 

Michael is correct, there isn't a way to automatically update the app content. If you republish to your LMS and the users access the course again through that link instead of in the mobile player, that should refresh to the newer version of the course.  If you'd like to share your thoughts in the form of a feature request, please feel free to submit one here. 

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