Cannot import Engage or Quizmaker

Apr 13, 2014

I've updated both Studio and Storyline, but everytime I attempt to import content from Quizmaker or Engage, I get a message about the versions being incompatible.  For Quizmaker, it seems to think that the version is too new (is that even possible?). The error message reads: Could not open quiz. The quiz could not be opened. It appears to be from a newer version of Quizmaker than Storyline supports.

For Engage the error reads: The version of Engage installed on this system is not compatible with Import.  Please install Engage 2.0 or higher.

Here's what I have installed:

Storyline: Update 5 1401.2415

Quizmaker: Update 2 1402.2817

Engage: Update 2 1402.2817

Can anyone help or do I have to just recreate the content in Storyline?

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