Unable to include a quiz or engage file into Storyline

Jul 26, 2014

I am playing around with the trial version of Storyline and wanted to include a quiz file. However, I received a strange message reading "The quiz could not be opened. It appears to be from a newer version of Quizmaker than Storyline supports" (see enclosed screenshot). Quizmaker and Storyline are the latest versions, of course.

I also received an error message when I tried to import an Engage file. The message read "Engage is not installed". Of course, a registered version of Engage is installed and it works properly.

I wonder if these error messages are caused by the fact that I am using the trial version of Storyline. I hesitate to buy Storyline since I fear that these error messages might appear with the registered version, too.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ernst,

As Phil mentioned currently, Articulate Storyline doesn't support importing content directly from Articulate Presenter '13, Articulate Quizmaker '13, or Articulate Engage '13. We're working to make this feature available in a future version of Storyline.

However, you can publish Studio '13 content for web, then embed it in Storyline as a web object. For example,here's how you'd insert an Engage '13 interaction in Storyline.

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