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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joseph!

Save and publish Articulate projects in the Windows environment, not the Mac. For example:C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\

Don't work from a network drive or an external USB drive. Doing so can result in file corruption or loss of resources.

Audio, video, and image resources must be located in the Windows environment, not the Mac. Copy and paste files you need for Articulate projects to the Windows environment prior to inserting them into your content.

Joseph Roberson

Thank you, Leslie.

So, do you mean I cannot continue using a "Shared Assets" folder on my Mac desktop to bridge the two? 

What do I do now, with this current project? Do I need to replace every asset? Actually, there aren't many assets placed yet, so better to migrate all to a folder in Windows 7. I just turned off/disconnected all Sharing between Windows and OSX.

Hopefully, now I can print....YES!

BTW, I also have to have Word open at the time. I wasn't sure Word would work because it's cloud-based Office365. But it works.



Joseph Roberson


New problem....or same problem?

Even though S1 says Publish was successful, when I upload the SWF to CloudUp it does not work. The SWF is too small to be right. HTML also does not work.

My partner opened the .story file on her Windows PC machine and the Published output works AOK. What gives?

Is OneDrive considered a local folder or a network drive? I thought it was both and therefore OK to use this way.

I decided to try using MS OneDrive as a bridge between not only my W7 and Mac OSX but also between me and my partner on a project.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joseph! 

Sounds like it could be the same problem. I know that some users claim to work successfully in this set up.

In addition, Articulate Storyline doesn't support publishing to a single SWF file. See this article for more information.

When working on a Storyline project in a collaborative environment with other developers, we recommend using this workflow to avoid loss of resources, file corruption, and other erratic behavior.