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Oct 23, 2013

I'm getting this Storyline error when I try to save my file.  I do not have anything else open.  If I can't get it to save, I'll lose an entire days worth of work. I have tried to save on a network, on my hard drive, and to a flash drive.  I get this message regardless.  Please help ASAP.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maggie,

You'll want to make sure that you're saving to your local drive, as saving to a network or USB drive can cause erratic behavior, and potentially file corruption. Additionally, you'll also want to check the following things while working on new projects to prevent future corruption:

  • You should also make sure the directory path to your project files and your published output is less than 260 characters (for example C:\Articulate).
  • Avoid using special characters, accents or symbols in your file names.

If this is happening in just one Storyline file, you'll want to try to import it into a new Storyline project to see if solves any of the issues you've encountered. If its happening on every Storyline file you'll want to conduct a repair of your Storyline software. 

Maggie Sheafer

I closed my file without saving, which means I lost a lot of work.  Was there any way I could have saved it?  When I reopened it, it was saving normally for a while, then suddenly the error started occurring again.  I will import to a new story and hope that it works. 

When complete, I have to save the story to a network drive because my department needs access to the files. Would saving to a thumb drive be better than on a network?  I need some way to share it.

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