Cannot select, move, or edit box in Feedback Master

Dec 07, 2023

I have not been able to get access to the box behind the feedback for a quiz question. The feedback master has only the "Feedback Title", "Feedback Text" and "Button" - Not the box behind it. The box is not in the feedback master as far as I can tell and it is not in the slide master nor in the slide itself. Can someone point me in the right direction? I need to move this box. I can move all the other elements but not this #@$% box.

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John Payton

Thanks for your response Lauren! Please see the attached story file. You will see that the box which appears in the feedback is not in the feedback master nor in the main slide. Unless I am missing something completely. By the way... this is from a file I inherited. That is why I can't figure out how it got there.