Captions button disappears when layer pauses/hides video

Apr 24, 2019

I have a video on my base layer. I have a button that displays a layer, and thereby pauses the timeline (and the video). I have the base layer hidden when the layer is displayed. When I then re-hide the layer, the base layer is shown and the timeline and video continue. It all works fine, except for one thing. The captions button disappears when I click the button displaying the layer (as expected), but it does not reappear when the layer in hidden. The video reappears but the captions button does not. If captions are turned on, they continue even though there is no captions button any more to toggle them. I've demoed this here on tempshare and I've attached the Storyline demo I created of this.

This looks to me like a bug. Unless I'm doing something wrong? Thanks for any feedback.

(Storyline 3, Update 6)

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