Captivate Feature - Click Box?

Does Storyline have a feature similar to Captivate's Click Box?

If you are not familiar with this feature it allows you to create a hot spot that auto populates customizable failure and hint captions. You can pause the preso (if you choose) until the item is clicked and if you mis-click the failure caption shows. you can determine a success action, number of  attempts and action after the last failed attempt. This is a widely used feature in my world so hoping there is something similar with Storyline!

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Michael Hinze

While Storyline has a hotspot, it doesn't  come with the Correct/Incorrect captions that are built into a Captivate clickbox. You can either use a Freeform Hotspot questions type or, with a few more steps, create feedback layers on a regular hotspot object to pause the baselayer's timeline and provide Correct/Incorrect feedback.

Michael Hinze

Here are two options to mimic the functionality of a Captivate clickbox with Storyline functions: One option shows a standard Pick-One quiz question with tis built-in feedback layers (they look somewhat different from the feedback in a captivate clickbox); the other option most closely resembles the Captivate clickbox. There are lots of other options, e.g. use a hotpsot freeform question. Hope that gives you some ideas.